Injustice Sweeps Through Atlanta as Police Officer Kills Unarmed Black Man, Rayshard Brooks

Injustice Sweeps Through Atlanta as Police Officer Kills Unarmed Black Man, Rayshard Brooks

Atlanta Police shot and killed Rayshard Brooks after he was reportedly sleeping in his car in a Wendey's parking lot.

On the heels of laying George Floyd to rest, another unarmed black man was killed by the police. This time, it happened in Atlanta, but the horrible outcome was still the same: a black life taken for absoultely no reason.

On the evening of June 12, 2020, two Atlanta Police Officers dive into a Wendey's parkling lot to investigate a report of a man sleeping in his car. Once on the scene, the police begin to question Rayshard Brooks, 27, who responds cooperatively to all questions. Mr. Brooks explains to the officers that he was with his daughter celebrating her birthday, and he consumed 1.5 margaritas during the course of the evening. He goes on to explain that when he was dropped off at his car, he was not ready to dive home, so he was waiting a bit.

As the police officers began to question Mr. Brooks' about drinking and driving, Mr. Brooks clearly states that his sister lives near by, and he could walk to her house if needed. While Mr. Brooks is being extremely compliant, and has not broken any laws, the officers seem determined to apprehend him.

The officers then asked Mr. Brooks if he'd be willing to undergo a breathalizer test, to which Mr. Brooks agreed. Before taking the test, Mr. Brooks reminded the officeres that he did have 1.5 margaritas earlier, and he was very much intending to be in compliance of the law. The officers administered the test, and when it came back over 0.08 BAC (the legal limit for driving), they swiftly began placing Rayshard Brooks under arrest. This was particularly peculiar considering the officers did not witness Rayshard Brooks operating a motor vehicle at any point the officers were there.

Nevertheless, the peculiar arrest proceeded until a struggle began, as Rayshard Brooks was trying to break free of this seemingly unlawful arrest. While the officers were scrambling with Mr. Brooks on the ground, one officer threatened to use his taser if Mr. Brooks did not give up.

Mr. Brooks managed to get the taser away from the officer and began to run for safety. The two officers ran after Mr. Brooks, and in an effort to create separation from the officers, Mr. Brooks aimed the taser back at them while he ran. This gesture from Mr. Brooks was all that Officer Garrett Rolfe needed to feel "threatened" and swiftly responded by taking out his gun and shooting Rayshard Brooks in the back twice. Mr. Brooks was later pronounced dead.

Although the officer that killed Rayshard Brooks was fired, he is yet to be charged with murder. Protests have erupted all over Atlanta, and across the country, as news spread of yet another unarmed black man being shot by a white police officer. 

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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