Stand-off Between Atlanta SWAT and Gunman Kills Pregnant Mother A Day Before Her Baby Shower

Stand-off Between Atlanta SWAT and Gunman Kills Pregnant Mother A Day Before Her Baby Shower

Two Georgia police officers were shot and wounded, but the stand-off ended up claiming innocent lives.

The city of Atlanta is reeling from two violent stand-offs, and one of them has resulted in the death of a pregnant mother and her son. 
According to the CBS News, a stand-off has begun when two Georgia police officers were shot and wounded. The gunman reportedly killed himself after killing a 16-year-old boy and his pregnant mother. 


Two officers were responding to a domestic disturbance on Thursday morning last week. The body cam footage shows the two officers being ambushed upon entry of the front door and retreating, wounded.
The gunman reportedly yelled that he had a hostage before threatening to fire rounds of ammunition he claimed to have.  


After shooting the responding officers — one in the hand and another in the hip — 47-year-old Atlanta native Anthony Tony Bailey Jr. then barricaded himself in the home with the pregnant woman and her teenage son. It is uncertain if the victims were dead or alive at the time. 


A standoff ensued for the next 15 hours as police pleaded with the gunman to release the teenage boy from the home in Stockbridge, south of Atlanta.

Dramatic video from police body cameras shows a chaotic scene, as officers are ambushed almost immediately after they break down the door of the home. The video shows one of the officers being wounded and dragging his rifle across the front lawn to safety. 


Police were initially hopeful, saying a negotiator was speaking with the gunman, and they held off for 15 hours. However, by late Thursday night, the gunman was refusing to surrender and would not "provide proof of the well-being" of the teenager and the woman inside. So commanders made the decision to deploy gas inside the home, police said.


"The suspect fired numerous rounds at SWAT officers and vehicles," police said in an update on social media late Thursday. 
Finally, in the pre-dawn hours Friday, police forced their way into the home, only to find three bodies.

They found 39-year-old Sandra Renee White, who was eight months pregnant, in the home's garage. Her son, 16-year-old Arkeyvion White, was in an upstairs bedroom. 
The gunman, Bailey, was also found in the bedroom, dead via suicide. 


While speaking to WAGA-TV, Sandra's sister Anetria White said that she had called the police early that morning after seeing blood on in the garage. 

Before walking in any further, she asked for the police to arrive to check on the occupants of the home.


"I don't know what to say," she told WGCL. "If you come over to your sister's house and you see her dead in the garage and then you wait from 11 o'clock in the morning until now you find out all three of them are gone."

“We were getting ready to give her a baby shower tomorrow,” Sandra White’s mother, Kathie White, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


Sandra White was a registered working nurse at WellStar Health System and had been taking classes at Georgia Southern University to further her training in the field. Arkeyvion was a football player at Dutchtown High School.

The relationship of the gunman to the victims has not been reported. 

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