Student Dies Of Covid 19 After Hospital Repeatedly Refused To Test Him

Student Dies Of Covid 19 After Hospital Repeatedly Refused To Test Him

He was showing the symptoms of the virus but was denied crucial tests.

With 3,170 deaths and over 164,000 confirmed cases, one would have expected hospitals to take no chance and test any patient who showed even the mild symptoms of the disease. It is not only necessary for that person to be tested for his sake but also for the sake of many others who could have come in contact with him. But a 25-year-old student was denied the tests and the results were fatal.

As reported by Detroit News, Bassey Offiong, Western Michigan University student from Detroit died at Beaumont in Royal Oak Hospital with his last days spent tied to a ventilator. This happened after he was refused tests, several times, and wasn't treated immediately. His situation worsened by the day and he passed away on Saturday.

His sister spoke with the news agency and said: "I told him to ask them to test him. He said they refused to test him." She revealed that he had a fever, shortness of breath, and fatigue (all signs of the infection) but was told by a medical staffer that he had bronchitis. She also revealed that he had no prior medical history. This fact suggests that his life may have been saved had the authorities acted early.

Western Michigan University President Edward Montgomery said: "On behalf of the entire Bronco community, I want to extend my deepest condolences to his entire family, including his sister, Asari, who has been generous in communicating with us regularly. They are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time."

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