Studies Suggest That Smart People Possess Great Sense Of Humor And 4 Other Qualities

Studies Suggest That Smart People Possess Great Sense Of Humor And 4 Other Qualities

These are the traits which are common among most smart people.

Smart people look at the world differently. They are smart because they find solutions when others are looking at problems. Smart people have some unique qualities which make them different from others and there are studies that point to certain traits that are higher among smart people than others.

1) Smart people are open-minded - A Penn University finding points to a correlation between being smart and open-minded. You may observe this in smart people that they are usually open to new points of views, ideas, and cultures. They are accepting of new thoughts which may even be diametrically different from their own. This allows them to gain a better perspective and understanding of things as compared to others.

2) Great sense of humor - Studies have shown that funny people show higher overall intelligence levels when compared to others. The studies showed that people who were able to present funnier captions and jokes were also ranked higher in their intelligence tests.

3) The show empathy - Smart people also show a higher degree of empathy. This comes out of their high emotional quotient and their personality reflects a sense of compassion and empathy with others.

4) They have great self-control - Smarter people show higher degree of self-control than others. They usually prefer delayed gratification over instant gratification. Needless to say, their self-control helps them be in command of their thoughts and actions.

5) They like being alone - Some research shows that smart people do not find the same level of satisfaction in socializing as others. They derive a higher sense of satisfaction in enjoying their own company and usually prefer smaller groups to hang out with.

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