"I don’t want those people in our store" - Subway Manager Fired After Racist Texts About Job Applicant Surface

"I don’t want those people in our store" - Subway Manager Fired After Racist Texts About Job Applicant Surface

Katelyn Simmons, a high school student left her application off with a friend - who texted the manager recommending her, but the result was appalling.

Katelyn Simmons, 17, was looking to make some extra cash just like how other high schoolers are during the summer season. She was encouraged to apply at a Subway franchise by friends who are employees at the restaurant in the town of Spring, near Houston.


According to NewsOne, the manager at that Subway blatantly disregarded Simmons' application without seeing it - just because she is black. And she did so over texts. Now the manager has been fired for the apparent racist remark. 


The manager, known only as Monica, wrote: "I don’t want those people in our store lol" after being told the youngster interested in the role was a black female - 17-year-old Katelyn Simmons, who just finished her junior year at Klein High School. 

Katelyn had dropped her application off on Sunday in the hope of a summer job after the role was recommended by a friend. While the friend did their job of reminding the manager, the text conversation shocked Simmons and her mother. 


After the teen's mom Timika Simmon posted the interaction - between the manager and the Katelyn's friend - online Subway took 'immediate' action, firing the Champion Forest and Cypresswood branch employee. 


The pal, who already worked at the store, then messaged her manager, saying: "Girl brought in her application I'm leaving it on the table for you tomorrow."

The senior employee replied: "OK thanks. How she look?"

But when the friend said: "Black girl long dark hair. Shortish", the manager then responded: "Oh no thanks. I don’t want those people in our store lol." 


Katelyn, a junior at Klein High School, told Click2Houston: "It really upset me that people living in this day and age and still think like that and think that it’s OK to verbally be out there like that." 

She further added, "I picked Subway because my friends work there and it’s a really cool spot. I thought it would be fun and chill, and it’s really discouraging for it to go down like that just because of the color of my skin."  


That post has now been shared more than 21,000 times with Timika adding: "I’ve taught my daughters to work hard, and that’s what they do, and for someone to reject my daughter for a reason like that, it just frustrated me, because I never taught her to be afraid of that."

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