Teenager Completes 4 Years Worth Of College In Just One Year, Heads To Law School

Teenager Completes 4 Years Worth Of College In Just One Year, Heads To Law School

Fayetteville State University graduate is setting some real benchmarks in speed and excellence as she prepares for graduation.

With the rising need for education and change, students tend to feel that they need to do a lot more in much lesser time. Here is one student who is making all of it look quite easy - she is graduating college, while she is just 18 years of age. 

ABC 11 reports that Brittany Reaves is not graduating high school like other 18-year-olds, she's already been there and done that. Reaves is getting "A bachelors in history. Graduating Magna Cum Laude,"


Brittany Reaves completed 85 credits at the Cumberland International Early College High School over a 4 year period. Then she completed the remaining credits in the one year since she enrolled back in 2018.  


"I just had great people who gave me great opportunities," said Reaves. Her mom said the proper term is gifted. "Brittany has been a learner from day one," said Brittany's mother. 

With the help of her mother, she learned to read at age three, mastered Chinese in high school and she's even musically talented. 


It gets better though, her journey continues with a Juris Doctor as Brittany starts Law School at North Carolina Central this Fall. 

"Going into civil litigation right now just because it's a field that deals with education and consumer protection. Landlord-tenant-those types of cases deal with people and laws have a lot to do with people," said Reaves.


This weekend Reaves will turn the tassel and walk into adulthood. 

"Booksmarts I do have but I am 18, I don't know everything," said Reaves. 

But the thing she does know is the one thing that will secure her success - and that's hard work.

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