Texan Teen Denied A Job For 'Extreme' Locs Gets Recruited To Become A Model

Texan Teen Denied A Job For 'Extreme' Locs Gets Recruited To Become A Model

His hairstyle was deemed extreme by the recruiters at Six Flags and his story caught the attention of modeling agencies who approached him for job.

It was in March when Karis Washington took her 17-year-old son for an interview at Six Flags. Kerion Washington was denied his first job there not because he was incapable of doing it but simply because his dreadlocks were deemed as 'extreme hairstyle.' Needless to say, both the mother and the son were genuinely baffled and upset with the incident and Karis took to Facebook to tell the story. 

In her Facebook post, Karis wrote: "Took my son for an interview at 6 flag...he didnt get the job cuz he has locs (dreads)...smh. Update: my son 17...this was the first job he attempted to get..."

She added: "I spoke with the HR Supervisor and she said they gave him the opportunity to come back when he dont have dreads...she said dreads are NOT allowed but he can have braids...and said they are an extreme hairstyle...she also went on and compared them to tattoos and piercings. I told her I read the grooming policy and it says your hair cannot hang more than 2 inches below your collar and 2 inches above your head including dreads, braids, etc....nowhere did I read dreads are not allowed. Then she said she can see how I got confused but dreads are Not allowed."

Her story went viral and soon people were paying attention. Few months down the line Corrie Caster, head of development for IMG Models, sent him a message on Instagram and approached him for a modelling job.  She said "I scout the world looking for talent and stories. I didn’t know his story then, but he had a lot of the physical features we look for in our models."

IMG Models represents incredibly famous models including Kate Moss and Chrissy Teigen. Kerion is currently working with Jones Model Management who are grooming him for a modelling career and would soon approach IMG with Kerion's profile to help him along in his career. 


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