The First Human Trials For Coronavirus Vaccine May Take Place Next Week

The First Human Trials For Coronavirus Vaccine May Take Place Next Week

A US official revealed the news about possible tests happening next week.

A US official has revealed that the first human testing of Coronavirus vaccines may happen sometime next week. As reported by the Independent, the test subjects would not be infected by the virus beforehand to test the vaccine. The human testing may involve testing on healthy subjects to check for potential side-effects of the vaccine.

The trial is funded by the National Institutes of Health. The initial trials will begin with 45 healthy volunteers at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute. But, according to experts, even if the upcoming trials are successful, it may take them over a year to completely develop the vaccine and make sure that it is safe.

Meanwhile, the number of positive coronavirus cases has increased dramatically over the last few days and has already affected 182,000 people. In America itself, the number of cases is close to touching 5,000 with 87 deaths reported so far.

The European countries have also responded to the outbreak and are now planning to close borders to clamp down on any imported cases of the virus. Italy still remains the most affected country in Europe with over 3,000 cases being reported in the last couple of days.

The number of cases being reported has increased considerably as more and more countries are improving their testing protocols. On the positive side, the number of reported cases is slowly reducing in China and a few South Asian countries but the pandemic is still far from being over.

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