The Sedan In Which TuPac Died Being Put Up For Auction

The Sedan In Which TuPac Died Being Put Up For Auction

The legend of a man was gunned down in Las Vegas in 1996.

On a bloody night in Las Vegas, back in 1996, as Tupac sat in the passenger seat of a BMW 750Li after watching a boxing match, he was gunned down mercilessly and in a matter of seconds, the legend was no more.

The car that got riddled with bullets was unable to prevent him from being shot and now, 24 years later, it is being put up for auction for $1.75 million. The car has been repaired except for a small indentation that has intentionally been left behind as a reminder of the history this car was a part of.

Tupac had died 6 days after the incident and had been hit by 4 bullets. Even now, his assassins have not been captured and his death itself has grown to become a part of an urban legend with numerous theories making rounds. The car had been impounded by the police after the incident and was auctioned off by them for the first time, and it has since then passed through the hands of collectors. It still retains a lot of its original aspect and is out in the market yet again.

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