These Kids Insisted That They Look Exactly The Same On 'Twin Day' At School

These Kids Insisted That They Look Exactly The Same On 'Twin Day' At School

Kids are not born racist!

As adults, we see the consequences of racism in almost every aspect of our lives. We find differences in each other and we propagate them. Racism exists because there are those who see a difference in the color of skin and proclaim a difference in personalities. Kids, however, are innocent of these divisive social constructs and they do not see the differences that segregate people.

The story of Myles speaks of the wonders that childhood holds. Britney Tankersley was pleasantly surprised when Myles, her son, who is a white kid came to her and told her that his school was holding a 'Twin Day' and he had to be twins with his best friend, who is black, for the event. 



She posted their image on Facebook and wrote: "Late last night Myles went on & on about how he had to be twins with a boy in his class for Twin Day because they look exactly the same- same eyes, same hair. He was adamant that they were identical. So after the kids went to bed I headed to Walmart at 9pm to get matching outfits."

"Their teacher sent me this picture today. My heart melted. Obviously two very different children, but Myles didn’t see that. Wouldn’t the world be such a better place if we could all view it through the eyes of a couple 5yr olds."

This is what a good upbringing looks like, love for all.

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