U.S. 'Wasted' Months That Could Have Helped Prepare For The Pandemic

U.S. 'Wasted' Months That Could Have Helped Prepare For The Pandemic

The warning signs were there since early January.

A review of the Federal Purchasing Contracts by the Associated Press revealed that the U.S. government may have wasted precious months that could have been used to prepare for the pandemic. As reported by PBS, the signs of the virus becoming a global issue were visible since the early days of January and yet the bulk orders of N95 respirator masks, mechanical ventilators, and PPEs were not placed until mid-March.

The states are already showing signs of massive stress as their stockpiles of essential medical equipment are almost depleted and are looking towards the federal stockpile for help. The recent response from the White House and the speech of Jared Kushner where he said that the federal stockpile wasn't meant for states, have further created an alarming situation for the states.

It is believed that the states are now looking to purchase their own necessities as the pressure of coping with the rising cases becomes overwhelming. Meanwhile, the global number of cases is soon going to touch 1.3 million and almost 70,000 people have died due to the virus. In America itself, the number of COVID positive cases has soared to 336,851 and 9,620 people have died. 

It is imperative that the state and the federal agencies come together to a common platform to fight the virus together as any mistake from here on is only going to result in the loss of more lives.

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