'Unofficial Security' Who Shot Alleged Walgreens' Shoplifter Charged With Murder

'Unofficial Security' Who Shot Alleged Walgreens' Shoplifter Charged With Murder

He had been in contact with the police through his attorneys after shooting the woman in the head from close range.

The man who shot a 46-year-old woman inside a Chicago Walgreens, Louis Hicks has a history of pretending to be a cop at the Cragin neighborhood store. According to The Chicago Tribune, Hicks was denied bail Friday, “accused of pinning a woman down and shooting her in the face as he knelt on top of her during a violent struggle,” the publication writes. 


Hicks, 33, was charged with murder, impersonating an officer and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon for the June 12 attack on Sircie Varnado, who died of a gunshot wound to the face, the Cook County medical examiner’s office confirmed.

Previously, police said that a store manager believed that Varnado was shoplifting and called Hicks instead of police.


However, during the shooter's bond hearing on Friday, the store manager said that he really thought Hicks was a cop because he had seen him previously helping out with security issues. 

According to the prosecutors, when a staffer approached Varnado asking if she needed help, she became defensive and dropped a bag and two dresses. As she began leaving the store, Hicks was waiting for her outside. 


A struggle ensued when Hicks grabbed Varnado and stopped her from leaving. Reportedly, he put Varnado "in a bear hug," wrestled with her, and choked her. Prosecutor says that that's when he slammed her to the ground. He drew his gun out, and said “You’re a b—-,’’ pointing it at her face. He fired once and left after collecting the bullet casing. 


The bullet had pierced Varnado's upper lip. The Chicago Tribune notes that Hicks has a record of arrests on drug, assault and impersonating a federal employee charges. In 2018, he had assaulted another woman saying “I’m a police officer.. I will f****** kill you, you b****.” CBS News reports.

Hicks has been charged Thursday evening with one felony count of first-degree murder, one felony count of false personation of an officer and one felony count of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

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