Virginia Mom Is Creating Toys To Educate Kids About Black History

Virginia Mom Is Creating Toys To Educate Kids About Black History

And she's doing a damn good job of it!

Tiffney, a mother from Virginia, has embarked upon an incredible journey. The founder of the toy company, Bevy & Dave, she is on a mission to educate kids about Black History that she often feels is not presented in schools as they should be. So, she started creating toys that could help kids learn the history and have some fun as well.

On her website, she writes: "My name is Tiffney and this is my daughter Beverly. For many years I was frustrated with the presentation of Black history in school textbooks, classrooms, and teaching materials. After my daughter was born, I was reminded that children learn through play; Bevy & Dave was soon created as my contribution towards a solution."

"With the belief that one's perception of history shapes and impacts their worldview and level of achievement, I decided to create children's toys as learning tools that share Black history through the lens of self-leadership. With Bevy & Dave, children learn how the act of being your best self is leadership. I hope Bevy & Dave educational toys will serve as instruments to educate, inspire and empower young children to reach their full potential."

Her toys are proving to be an important step in creating awareness among children as she is trying to find even better ways of engaging kids in greater pursuits. We may genuinely people more like her who are taking a step forward to ensure a better education for children.

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