WATCH: White Georgia Student Threatens To Shoot Up School, Gets Away With Just A Slap On The Wrist

WATCH: White Georgia Student Threatens To Shoot Up School, Gets Away With Just A Slap On The Wrist

The 17-year-old showed up to class drunk and had filled a water bottle with alcohol. When the assistant principal confronted the student, the minor attacked the administrator and then threatened to return with a gun and 'kill everybody'.

A white teenager who threatened to shoot up his high school and kicked his assistant principal after consuming alcohol on campus has been taken into the care of a mental health facility, according to reports. Cellphone footage shows the 17-year-old kicking the assistant principal in the groin in a drunken rage when confronted on campus. The incident took place at Walton High School, which is said to be amongst the top academic schools in Georgia. Following the attack, the minor allegedly threatened to 'kill everyone; at the school. 




Reports state that the teenager arrived on campus with a water bottle filled with alcohol. He also showed up drunk to class last week. According to the Cobb County School District Police Department, when one of Walton High School's assistant principal confronted the student during the second period, the 17-year-old kicked him in the groin.


Arrest warrants state that the minor made "specific threats to get a gun and come back to the school" to kill the assistant principal as well as a school police officer who was involved in the incident. The student is also quoted to have said: "When I get out, I'm going to get a gun and come back and kill everyone." A breathalyzer test revealed that the student had a .216 blood-alcohol level which is three times the legal limit. 


The teenager was arrested by officers and was held at the Cobb County jail with no bond. He was charged with several crimes which included terroristic threats, alcohol possession on public school grounds, the battery of a teacher, and simple battery of an officer. The Atlanta Black Star reports that the teenager was bailed out of jail by a relative by a relative after a judge lowered his bond. 


Walton High School officials released a letter to their students' parents alerting them to the incident and explaining the measures they have taken up. It reads: "That situation has been resolved and student involved is in the care of medical professionals. The school day is proceeding as it normally does and our community is hard at work teaching and learning."


Footage of the teenager's drunken attack went viral online, and people were quick to point out that had it been a black student, the events of the situation would have played out differently. 

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