Why Do Kind People Feel So Lonely?

Why Do Kind People Feel So Lonely?

Kindness is an important trait to have but quite often we find that kind people are also the loneliest.

Have you observed that the kindest people you know in life do display signs of certain loneliness? Obviously, it is not true for everyone but it does seem that the kinder you are, the more isolated you feel, as if there's a burden that you carry alone, but with a smile and good intentions.

Loneliness is more of an emotional state of mind. It is a feeling of being out of touch with a fellow human in an emotional way. Quite often, kind people are also the ones who are people pleasers. They do not like confrontations because it disrupts their peace of mind. So, they usually go along with others in order to have a peaceful environment even if they would have loved to say no.

Even more than that, kindness in itself becomes necessary for them. They are kind to others even at great cost to themselves for the simple fact that it is in their nature to be so. They cannot repel others, they find it extremely hard to say no, and they are altruistic even when it hurts them. This does evoke a sense of loneliness in them as they feel that they do not get the same gestures in return, but they do not complain as kindness is what defines their personality.

Kindness is a lonely path indeed. We would find people cheering our kindness but there are few who come out in support. But a kind person is kind despite the loneliness as they are the few who make the world a warmer place.

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