Woman Saves Unarmed Black Man's Life By Filming Use Of Excessive Force By California PD, Investigations Begin

Woman Saves Unarmed Black Man's Life By Filming Use Of Excessive Force By California PD, Investigations Begin

Given the rise of the social media, people are able to talk about police's excessive use of force and everyday racism.

In Hawthorne, California, a woman recorded a 5-minute encounter with the police where a young unarmed black man was being swarmed by a group of police with their guns drawn. The video also captured her helpless voice, which can be heard weeping and pleading the police not to shoot. 


According to USA Today, the Instagram video was uploaded on Saturday - in which an emotional user Blueasdasky repeatedly questions why so many officers have surrounded an unarmed black man, while he is kneeling with his hands up. Officers from the Hawthorne Police Department detained William Ewell, 24, for an alleged robbery-assault that took place on June 7.


The video of the arrest, which went viral online, features an emotional response from a woman who was recording the arrest. 


In the video, she repeatedly asks the Ewell what his name is before explaining that her boyfriend, Leroy Browning, was also a victim of police brutality in late 2015.  At least 10 police officers are shown in the video. 

"Why are your guns pulled on this young man?" she said in the video. "He has no weapons on him. We live right now." 

"You gon' shoot me, too," Sky responds to a police officer telling her to "get out of the way," "for filming, right?"  


The visual, some Twitter users commented, shows an officer targeting Sky.

"Can somebody put your guns down and please come get him?" she said later on in the video, choked up, before six officers surrounded Ewell and handcuffed him. 

"We got a call of a robbery that loosely matches the description," replied one of the officers to Sky.

"We are just detaining him, OK? We're not saying he's a suspect, but we are just trying to figure out what's going on. So just try to relax."


The video drew criticism from users on Twitter, who called out the police department for targeting a black man who "fit the description." 

"I can tell you, this is the MOST COMMON pretext police use to stop and search Black people," tweeted New York public defender Rebecca Kavanagh. "It is harassment."


"After assisting officers arrived, the subject was handcuffed and detained for further investigation," reads a statement from Hawthorne Police Department issued on June 7.


Since the release of the video, Twitter has been flooded by users expressing their disgust at Hawthorne PD. 

People can only guess what could have happened to the Ewell had this woman not immediately document what was happening to him. For the time being, Ewell has not been shot. 

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