Woman Says She Was Made To Give Up Her Seat For White Men, Calls Out Racial Profiling

Woman Says She Was Made To Give Up Her Seat For White Men, Calls Out Racial Profiling

The incident apprently took place at J. Alexander's restaurant in West Bloomfield, says the African-American woman from Michigan.

An African-American woman says she was discriminated against at a J. Alexander’s restaurant in West Bloomfield when she was asked to give up her seat to a white man and refused service. According to ABC 7, Lia Gant is now calling for the termination of all employees involved in the incident. 

At a press conference held on Monday, Lia Gant, her attorney Maurice Davis, and Jerrick Jackson -- another patron at the restaurant, who says he was called the N-word -- talked about the Thursday incident. 


“We refuse to backslide into a nation where black people are told to give up their seat to white people, where black people are denied services at restaurants,” said Davis. 

Thursday's incident took place when a white bartender asked Lia Gant and her friend to give up their seats at the bar for two white men, Gant alleges. 


When Gant refused, the bartender took her drink and poured it down the sink.
“I immediately got up and went to management and she said I shouldn’t be upset because the drink wasn’t thrown on me,” said Gant.
Gant said she paid the bill after the manager refused to remove it.
"I was racially profiled. I was told to move out of my seat for two other white men to be seated," she said.


Furthermore, Jackson says that he was also discriminated on the same day at the restaurant- when a white patron called him N-word and told him to leave after he complained to management about poor service.

A video was recorded as the white customer yelled at Jackson, hurled food, and nearly struck Gant’s friend in the face.


Moreover, the restaurant employees also concealed the identity of the white patron who threw the food at them when West Bloomfield police arrived. 

“We will fight to ensure that J. Alexander’s is held accountable for denying our client’s rights to public accommodation in violation of her fundamental civil rights,” said Davis in a release. 

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