Woman Washes Hands With Soap That Turned Out To Be A Block Of Cheese

Woman Washes Hands With Soap That Turned Out To Be A Block Of Cheese

She shared her story on Reddit and it left people with a thousand questions.

The coronavirus scare has gripped the world and people are doing everything in their power to remain safe. From stockpiling on hand sanitizers to tissue papers, people everywhere are taking drastic steps to ensure the virus stays away from their vicinity. And among one of the precautions shared by both WHO and CDC is that people should wash their hands with soap as frequently as possible and avoid touching their face.

One woman from Vancouver, Washington, had a difficult time implementing this as it turns out that the soap she was using was, in fact, a block of cheese. She wrote on Reddit, "Just realized my soap wasn’t working because it’s literally a block of cheese."

She later explained that the cheese was sitting at her kitchen counter and she did not realize that it wasn't a soap until she started rubbing it on her hands. As the incident was posted online, people started commenting in a way that is possible only on the internet. 

Source: Reddit

One user said: "The cheese is clean cut, missing that gross sopping wet and slightly rubbed look. Not sure if its real.... have accidentally something similar, not one of my prouder moments." While the other took a sarcastic dig, writing: "The corona virus is getting smarter it’s trying to keep you from washing your hands!"

She finally responded to many comments by writing: "i am housesitting, and high as hell, let me breathe smh." Well, that explains quite a few things then.

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