Young Black American Can Now Get A Free Birthright Trip To Africa To Explore Their Roots

Young Black American Can Now Get A Free Birthright Trip To Africa To Explore Their Roots

A non-profit organization based out of New York is offering the opportunity.

Birthright Africa, a non-profit organization is offering an incredibly amazing opportunity for young black Americans to explore their roots by sponsoring their trips to Africa. It is an opportunity for youngsters to get to know their ancestral culture and heritage closely and explore the aspects of their origins first hand.

According to their website, their mission is: "Birthright AFRICA inspires youth and young adults of African descent ages 13 – 30 to explore their cultural roots and legacy of innovation within the United States and select nations in Africa as a birthright. Through travel and project-based learning in collaboration with our partners, we aim to instill pride, enhance confidence, and spark the creativity of our Scholars to fulfill their leadership and entrepreneurial aspirations."

Speaking with CNN, Birthright AFRICA co-founder Diallo Shabazz said: "This isn't about validating black identity. It's about providing an opportunity for people to explore their ancestry." Shabazz told CNN, "National Black History Month often focuses on the past, but this is about creating an infrastructure so that we can help people transform their futures."

Birthright Africa states on their website: With partners including the City University of New York (CUNY) and Frederick Douglass Academy VII High School as well as community-based organizations GrowHouse NYC, Urban Sankofa Project, and Inspiring Minds, 61 Scholars of African descent have received their birthright to explore the resilience and brilliance of their heritage. 

So, if you are looking for an opportunity to explore your African heritage, Birthright Africa may just be the answer for you.

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