Young Man Working As A Janitor At NYU Hospital Graduates As Nurse

Young Man Working As A Janitor At NYU Hospital Graduates As Nurse

He wanted to be something more and he did.

Frank Baez's story is one of inspiration and persistence. It wasn't quite long ago that he started off working as a janitor at New York University’s Langone Tisch Hospital. His job was to clean the patient's rooms and to take care of the hospital's hygiene. 

As reported by GlobalNews, he had moved to New York with his mother from the Dominican Republic when he was just 15 years old. His English wasn't good either and he took the janitor's job to support his family. He was always compassionate and driven but the company of doctors and nurses inspired him to grow even more in his career as well as a person.

Speaking with CNN, he said: “I was hoping that I would be able to care for patients in Spanish. I wanted to work with under-served populations.” He enrolled at Hunter College and earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish literature with a minor in biological sciences.

He then moved on to find another job at NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital where he worked even closer with the nurses trying to figure out where his true future lay. “While working [at NYU] with the nurses, I realized I wanted to be one of them,” he told CNN.

He enrolled himself at NYU’s Rory Meyers College of Nursing once he knew that he would do well if he got trained as a nurse. At the age of 29, Baez graduated from college as a nurse. And for the achievement, he humbly says: “It was worth it; it paid off at the end. Here I am now, a graduated nurse.”

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